Meeting 6/7

  • Members present: Kirby, JD, Timmy, Chris S, Scott H, Kyle, Gaylen, Jim R, Roger, Chris L, Neil
  • Minutes reviewed and approved Timmy / Jim R 9-0
  • Reviewed Standings
  • Discussed State mtg minutes
  • Discussed MOBASS Youth tournament circuit
  • Discussed Release of Liability
  • Will continue meetings at Ozark Chevrolet until Library fully opens.
  • Removed Steve H and Jim I from standings due to non participation.
  • Kirby will be stepping down as President.
  • Tournament draw for Stockton.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7pm

Meeting 5/3

  • Members present: Kirby, JD, Timmy, Chris S, Scott H, Kyle, Kent Gaylen, Jim R, Roger, Chris L
  • Meeting called to order at 630
  • Minutes reviewed and approved Timmy / Scott H 9-0
  • Standing reviewed
  • Discussed Release of Liability. Kirby will contact Art about sons review and changes needed.
  • June club tournament on Stockton moved from June 12 to June 19 due to NYFA Championship on Stockton.
  • Discussed looking for new / young members to join the club.
  • Discussed State tournament and took a poll of who would fish. Looks like we will have a 10 man team based on discussion.
  • Banquet is May 15 at Lake Springfield. Food will be delivered by 5pm. Enough seating for 120.

  • Meeting 4-5-21
  • Members present: Kirby, JD, Timmy, Bob P, Gaylen, Steve A, Kyle, Chris L, Roger, Chris S
  • Meeting called to order at 630
  • Minutes from previous meeting approved
  • Standings reviewed
  • Chris will buy 4 new weigh bags
  • Discussed updated Release of Liability – will discuss with Art to see if his son in law will review.
  • Motion was made to add the Liability Release to the club By Laws once finalized Timmy / Bob P unanimous
  • Discussed MOBASS HS / Youth tournament
  • Jay P was voted as a member of the tournament committee to replace Myron. Chris S / Gaylen unanimous

State meeting issues – Club voted on the following rule changes

  • Fish with a member of your club at State tournament – yes
  • Follow lake rules on length limit vice all at the largest lenght at the State tournament- yes

Club tournaments

Starting in May will go back to a straight draw for club tournaments

4/24 on Bull Shoals moved to Tucker Hollow due to high water anticipated

4/17 TRock – Baxter 7-3

  • Gaylen / Jim R
  • Roger / Jay M
  • Timy / Chris L
  • JD / Neil
  • Kyle / Scott H
  • Kirby / Art
  • Chris S / Kent
  • Steve A / Guest?
  • Jay P
  • Scott L??

Meeting 3-1-21

  • Members present: Kirby, JD, Timmy, Gaylen, Chris S, Roger, Kyle, Jim R, Kent, Scott L, Neil, Chris L, Guest: Andy Harris
  • Meeting called to order at 630
  • Previous minutes approved: Timmy / Roger – 10/0
  • Treasurers Report – Balance – $4131.49
  • Dues paid: Neil ($140), Dues owed: Jay P, Steve A, Jay M

Items to Discuss

  1. Reminder that time to renew fishing license.
  2. Discussed implementing Release of Liability for club and officers. Form was presented to membership. Voted to add to By Laws JD/ Timmy. Will be voted on at the next club meeting.
  3. Discussed restart of MOBASS HS / Youth tournaments. Dates of tournaments are on MOBASS website. Flyers will be distributed in the next couple of weeks.
  4. Myron has chosen to leave the club. Voted to return funds not been paid out already ($94).
  5. Banquet date is set for May 15 at Lake Springfield (BBQ).
  6. Voted Jay McKnight into the club 8-0
  7. Neil Feeney rejoined the club (dues paid).
  8. Tournament date  / location changes
  • Mar 6 – Table Rock, Aunts
  • Mar 20 – Stockton, Ruark (Call Chris by Mar 15 to let him know if you are fishing)
  • April 17 – Table Rock, Baxter
  • April 24 – Bull Shoals, K Dock?

Tournament Draw – Table Rock, Aunts  0730-330

  • Gaylen / Andy H
  • Scott L / JD
  • Chris S / Scott H
  • Jay P / Neil
  • Kyle / Chris L
  • Art / Fred
  • Jim R / Roger
  • Kent / Jay M

Meeting adjourned at 735 Kent / Scott L

Meeting 1/4/21

Meeting called to order at 635

Members present: Kirby, JD, Chris S, Kyle, Timmy, Roger, Chris L, Kent Jim I, Steve H, Sam

Guest: Andy (Kyle)

Dues paid: Kent

Minutes from previous meeting reviewed and approved, (Timmy / Chris S) 9-0.

Financial report given.

Standing reviewed

Vote was taken to postpone banquet until late April or May. 9-0

Standings based on a 35 point system was presented to the membership. JD will continue to keep thru the year so the membership can see how it tracks. Will vote at the July meeting whether to implement for 2022.

State meeting is Jan 16. We do not plan on attending since we do not have a State team member.

Library will be closed until at least May. Meetings will continued to be held at Ozark Chevrolet at 630 first Monday of the month.

JD will step down as Secretary / Treasurer at the end of this year. He will continue to help the the new Sec / Tres. as needed for the following year.

Tournament – TRock, Aunts Creek, 730-330

Steve H / Jim I, Kirby / Andy, Kyle / JD, Art / Scott H, Chris S / Sam, Steve, Myron, Kent

Mtg adjourned 725 Kent / Steve H

Meeting 12/7/20

Meeting called to order at 631.

Members present: Kirby, Timmy, Chris S., Jim I, Steve H, Roger, Chris L, Gaylen, Scott H

Previous minutes approved Steve H / Scott H 9/0

Items discussed:

Due to Covid and fears, disscussed allowing members to fish alone or pair based on contact comfort. General opinion was that as long as we could get all members who wanted to fish paired that this option will work. It was also mentioned that if the virus gets worse and becomes more of a safety issue that tournaments could be postponed as previously done.

Sportsman of the Year voting – due to low attendance at the meeting, everyone should send an email to Kirby with their nomination by 12pm Friday, Dec 11.

Discussed breakdown / boat failure procedures and how club should handle getting guys back to the ramp in the safest manner.

Banquet date set for Jan 30.

Tournament draw – Pomme Hermitage ramp, 730 – 330

Steve A / alone, Scott L / alone, Fred B / alone, Steve H / Jim I, Roger / Chris L, Kirby / Gaylen, Jay P / Art,

Kyle / Jay M, Timmy / Myron, Chris S / alone

Meeting adjourned at 717 Roger / Scott H

Meeting 11/2/20

Meeting called to order at 632

Members present: JD, Timmy, Bob, Scott H, Roger, Jim I, Steve H, Kirby, Gaylen, Chris S, Kyle, Jim R

Previous minutes approved Timmy / Chris S 10-0

Treasures report: $4263

Reviewed standings after 2 tournaments

JD will present a review of going to a points system at the January meeting

Recap of Regional and State tournaments

Banquet date: Jan 30 / alt. Feb 20

Will vote on Sportsman of the year at December meeting

Tournament draw – Norfork, Pigeon Creek 7 – 3

Kirby / Bob – Kyle / Scott H – Jim R / Scott L – Chris S / Myron – Gaylen / Timmy

Mtg adjourned Jim R / Kyle 658

Lost Creek Bass Club Report for 9/8/20

Meeting called to order at 635

Members present: JD, Kirby, Art, Timmy, Gaylen, Kyle, Chris S, Myron, Chris L, Roger, Jim R, Jim I, Bob, Fred, Steve H, Scott L Scott H

Previous minutes accepted: Timmy/Art

Treasures report: $3100.85

Items Discussed

  1. Change location of Stockton tournament on 10/3 from Old State to Mutton Creek (not the Marina) due to other tournaments going out of Old State (Regatta permit)
  2. Thanks to Timmy for submitting for the Regattas
  3. Year end standings reviewed
  4. Discussed membership increae, voted to increase the membership from 24 to 26, approved 14 / 0.
  5. Voted in Chris Lance as a Youth member.
  6. Send Chris S a text by Sept 28 if fishing Stockton on 10/3.
  7. Dues paid: Scott H, Art, Roger, Myron, Chris S, Timmy, Bob, Scott L, Jim I, Kyle, Steve H, Fred
  8. Sunglasses bought – 13 pairs – I have 5 left that will be turned back in at State meeting on Saturday unless I get a call before then that you want to buy.
  9. Discussed instituting a point system for 2022 to include points for attending meetings, particiaption in tournament and weight. JD will start working on to present something by April 2021.
  10. Tournament Draw – Bull Shoals, Tucker Hollow, Sept 19, 630 – 3pm
  1. Kirby / Neil
  2. Scott H / Mitch
  3. Chris S / Fred
  4. Roger / Bob
  5. Myron / Chris L
  6. Jay / JD
  7. Kyle

11. Meeting adj: 727

Lost Creek Bass Club Report for 8/3/20

Meeting called to order at 630pm

Members present: JD, Kirby, Scott H, Roger, Bob, Chris, Kyle, Steve H, Gaylen, Timmy

Guest: Chris Lance (Jr member) / Jay

Previous minutes accepted Timmy / Roger 9-0

Treasurers Report – $3100.85

Dues owed: Mitch – $56

Items Discussed

  1. Reviewed standings
  2. Motion made to increase club membership from 24 to 26 beginning with 2021 year. JD / Scott H – will be voted on at the Sept mtg.
  3. Next mtg will be Sept 8 since Labor day falls on Sept 7. This is to facilitate getting State team paperwork filled out to turn in at the State meeting on Sept 12. 
  4. Sunglass list at August mtg.
  5. Officer nominations – all officers and board of director members will remain the same for 2021 Vote was 8-0.
  6. Tournament Committee – Chris S tournament director, Scott H, Kyle, Myron.
  7. Lake nominations – Pomme (3), Stockton (3), TRock (2), Bull Shoals (2), Norfork (1), Taneycomo (1)
  8. State Team according to current standings w/ one tournament to go: Boaters – Jay, Chris S, JD, Myron, Scott L Non boaters – Fred, Kyle, Roger, Bob, Art
  9. Tournament Draw – Pomme, Nemo 6-2
    1. JD / Chris Lance
    2. Roger / Neil
    3. Myron / Fred
    4. Chris / Kyle
    5. Scott H / Kirby
    6. Art / guest

Mtg adjourned 7305 (JD / Roger)

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