Meeting 11/2/20

Meeting called to order at 632

Members present: JD, Timmy, Bob, Scott H, Roger, Jim I, Steve H, Kirby, Gaylen, Chris S, Kyle, Jim R

Previous minutes approved Timmy / Chris S 10-0

Treasures report: $4263

Reviewed standings after 2 tournaments

JD will present a review of going to a points system at the January meeting

Recap of Regional and State tournaments

Banquet date: Jan 30 / alt. Feb 20

Will vote on Sportsman of the year at December meeting

Tournament draw – Norfork, Pigeon Creek 7 – 3

Kirby / Bob – Kyle / Scott H – Jim R / Scott L – Chris S / Myron – Gaylen / Timmy

Mtg adjourned Jim R / Kyle 658

Lost Creek Bass Club Report for 9/8/20

Meeting called to order at 635

Members present: JD, Kirby, Art, Timmy, Gaylen, Kyle, Chris S, Myron, Chris L, Roger, Jim R, Jim I, Bob, Fred, Steve H, Scott L Scott H

Previous minutes accepted: Timmy/Art

Treasures report: $3100.85

Items Discussed

  1. Change location of Stockton tournament on 10/3 from Old State to Mutton Creek (not the Marina) due to other tournaments going out of Old State (Regatta permit)
  2. Thanks to Timmy for submitting for the Regattas
  3. Year end standings reviewed
  4. Discussed membership increae, voted to increase the membership from 24 to 26, approved 14 / 0.
  5. Voted in Chris Lance as a Youth member.
  6. Send Chris S a text by Sept 28 if fishing Stockton on 10/3.
  7. Dues paid: Scott H, Art, Roger, Myron, Chris S, Timmy, Bob, Scott L, Jim I, Kyle, Steve H, Fred
  8. Sunglasses bought – 13 pairs – I have 5 left that will be turned back in at State meeting on Saturday unless I get a call before then that you want to buy.
  9. Discussed instituting a point system for 2022 to include points for attending meetings, particiaption in tournament and weight. JD will start working on to present something by April 2021.
  10. Tournament Draw – Bull Shoals, Tucker Hollow, Sept 19, 630 – 3pm
  1. Kirby / Neil
  2. Scott H / Mitch
  3. Chris S / Fred
  4. Roger / Bob
  5. Myron / Chris L
  6. Jay / JD
  7. Kyle

11. Meeting adj: 727

Lost Creek Bass Club Report for 8/3/20

Meeting called to order at 630pm

Members present: JD, Kirby, Scott H, Roger, Bob, Chris, Kyle, Steve H, Gaylen, Timmy

Guest: Chris Lance (Jr member) / Jay

Previous minutes accepted Timmy / Roger 9-0

Treasurers Report – $3100.85

Dues owed: Mitch – $56

Items Discussed

  1. Reviewed standings
  2. Motion made to increase club membership from 24 to 26 beginning with 2021 year. JD / Scott H – will be voted on at the Sept mtg.
  3. Next mtg will be Sept 8 since Labor day falls on Sept 7. This is to facilitate getting State team paperwork filled out to turn in at the State meeting on Sept 12. 
  4. Sunglass list at August mtg.
  5. Officer nominations – all officers and board of director members will remain the same for 2021 Vote was 8-0.
  6. Tournament Committee – Chris S tournament director, Scott H, Kyle, Myron.
  7. Lake nominations – Pomme (3), Stockton (3), TRock (2), Bull Shoals (2), Norfork (1), Taneycomo (1)
  8. State Team according to current standings w/ one tournament to go: Boaters – Jay, Chris S, JD, Myron, Scott L Non boaters – Fred, Kyle, Roger, Bob, Art
  9. Tournament Draw – Pomme, Nemo 6-2
    1. JD / Chris Lance
    2. Roger / Neil
    3. Myron / Fred
    4. Chris / Kyle
    5. Scott H / Kirby
    6. Art / guest

Mtg adjourned 7305 (JD / Roger)

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