2022 State Team

Lake of the Ozarks
October 29 – 30, 2022

Boaters – Chris Selsor, Timmy Reaka, Kyle Caldwell, Art Cambridge, Vince Hoff
Non-Boaters – Steve Anderson, Jay Pearson, Roger Evans, Brad Ivie, Freddie Bailey
Alternate – Kirby Wilson

2015 State Team – Table Rock Lake

Boaters – Steve Anderson, JD Dendy, Kirby Wilson, JP Sell, Art Cambridge

Non Boaters – Brennan Banks, Chris Selsor, Mitch Selsor, Sawyer Collins , Gaylen Davis

State trn TRock 001

 JD first day weigh in , Chris first day weigh in, Gaylen First day weigh in

State Trn 2 002

Kirby, Mitch, and JP

2014 State Team – Truman Lake

Boaters: Kirby Wilson, JD Dendy, JP Sell, Timmy Reaka

Non Boaters: Brennan Banks, Steve Anderson, Chris Selsor, Art Cambridge


2013 State Team – Lake of the Ozark

Boaters – Steve Anderson, Kirby Wilson, JD Dendy, Art Cambridge, Gaylen Davis

Non boaters – Chris Selsor, Mitch Selsor, Nels Carlson, Jim Richardson, JP Sell


2012 State Team – Table Rock

Boaters – Steve Anderson, Gaylen Davis, Timmy Reaka, Chris Selsor, Fred Bailey

Non boaters – Kirby Wilson, Andy Price, MitchSelsor, Sid Stephens, JD Dendy

2011 State Team – Truman Lake

Boaters – Kirby Wilson, Gaylen Davis, Timmy Reaka, Fred Bailey, Steve Anderson

Non boaters – JD Dendy, Sid Stephens, Jay McKnight, Mitch Selsor, Chris Selsor


2010 State Team – Lake of the Ozarks

Boaters – J.D.Dendy, Gaylen Davis, Kirby Wilson, Derek Combs, Sid Stephens

Non Boaters – Chris Selsor, Mitch Selsor, Shane McKeown, Fred Bailey, Jay McKnight

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